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Matchcom is an international wholesale business company that provides value throughout their business partnerships. We help our clients to achieve their most important goals as well as to improve their quality of service.


The creativity of our teams based in Miami, Bogotá, Madrid and Santiago of Chile allows us to create meaningful commitments by assuring the quality and improving the business efficiency and leverage through our technology expertise.


From the beginning, our philosophy has always been about making a profitable operation, employing always the best and most experienced committed people available, embracing an innovative business culture and leveraging in our technology expertise.


We are a growing company with a committed management team, qualified technical expertise, solid business operation, and a list of clients who are the best testament to our success.


Matchcom is part of Tellza, a global communications company and trusted partner with over 20 years of experience delivering quality and secure transactions by enabling customers around of the globe with advanced technologies platforms. Tellza is a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: TEL).


Over nearly a decade, we have built a company focusing on the needs of our customers by anticipating and satisfying their needs with commitment to excellence and integrity.


Leverage in our business efficiency, service quality and commitment with the innovation to maximize your voice business today and prepare for the future with Matchcom, your business partner.



  • Luciano Garavaglia
    Luciano Garavaglia
    CEO - Matchcom
  • Mike Vazquez
    Mike Vazquez
    CEO - Tellza
Luciano Garavaglia
CEO - Matchcom

Mr. Garavaglia is a seasoned telecommunications and technology expert, having previously worked with several leading telecommunications companies such as Arbinet and Telefonica.  His primary focus over the last several years has been the development of telecom technologies and the Internet of Things (IOT).

Mike Vazquez
CEO - Tellza

Mike Vazquez joined Tellza Communications Inc. in November of 2006 as the Director Of Operations, in order to launch the wholesale division at Phonetime. Mr. Vazquez has been in Telecom for over 13 years and spent most of those years building networks across the globe. During 2002-2006, as President of Ntera, he build an extensive network which represented over 58 cities globally and passed nearly a billion minutes per month. Prior to his work at Ntera, Mr. Vazquez worked on several key fundamental aspects in Telecom industry including the facility creations at Switch and Data where he managed the building and management of then start-up telecom company which grew to be one of the country’s largest Colocation providers today.



1250 E Hallandale Beach Blvd. PH1

Hallandale Beach, FL 33009